Listen Up, Listen Up, Voices Scatter

The world's comfiest butterfly shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: The best gift from my best sister
Tights: Swapmeet
Ancient Flats: Um, H&M?

          I wore this outfit on Friday, and, please allow me to tell you, this skirt made my day. It was quite windy, but I seriously couldn't have given a fuck because the skirt's powers are that awesome. My outfit's simple enough, yet I felt as if I should've been jumping roofs or engaged in some other type of miscreant shenanigans. So I have to thank my sister, for handing the skirt that was probably fabricated by the hooves of Unicorns or Narnians down to me. I was in such a good mood the whole day that I wasn't even bothered by the fact that all I was gonna do that day was creep on the internet, and watch Slumdog Millionaire. 
          I am sure that while taking this pictures the force of the wind might have revealed what lay underneath the marvelous skirt, but my street is a dead street (except for the hippie parents that live down the block). Have A Happy Saturday!


You Have Been Warned, This Is A Place Of Fangirling

Yeah, please excuse this moment. I had no idea the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two) was out, so I am a bit out of it. Pardon me, but I have this weird obsession with the Harry Potter books that makes me dress up to go see the movies and such. I know, I am that girl. But this and this makes me love it even more.

*Is it bad that I laughed when Harry threw himself off with Voldemort in his arms? It just seemed something straight out of a Voldemort/Harry fan fiction. Hehe.


Please Excuse This Commercial Interruption.

         Hello, fellow Narnians. Ummm, I haven't uploaded anything lately, but it isn't cause I've been to busy scrolling the internets with a bag of chips at my side. Not at all. I will soon post some lovely pictures (as lovely as my shaky shots can be) concerning my whereabouts. 

Hey! Look 'ere! Can this beauty be a sort of prolonged apology on my behalf?



"I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear"

               Can I just Say That ---. How can I not love this man? If only I could wear lightning unitards as exquisitely as he did, I would be wearing (more like strutting) them all over the place.
               I'll just leave before I begin my freakishly long, incoherent love declarations.

One Dolla One Dolla Pretty

 A friend of mine advised me to smile more in pictures. Ya Dig? Cause I look like a creep.
 Dudes, my knees look like furious faces.
I got some Killer gloves.
Overalls: The Thrift Store
Boots: The Walmart
Shirt: The F21
Clockbag: The Stupidiotic.
The Glove*: The Lucky Lingerie Store.

         Los Angeles. Oh , how I love thee. My mom required me to accompany to L.A. and what kind of daughter would I have been if I had rejected such a petition? A horrible one worthy of getting pooped on by pigeons. Anyhows, I dressed pretty casual cause walking is not my thang, and you try lugging boxes of shoes in disco shoes. (If you can, can you come with us next time?) My mom is into making bows, flower arrangements, and basically anything creative and DIY, so we headed into the fake flower shop and I FOUND TINY LITTLE BIRDIES AND ROOSTERS. I was so excited afterwards, that I didn't mind walking some more. (Scratch that, my soles were on the verge of coming apart, so I might have let out a whine or two.)
         Los Angeles is a wonderful place, although a bit sketchy at times. You can seriously find anything there. I got a bit restless from staring at beads and shoes and came across a lingerie shop. I went in with the pure intention (when can a trip to a lingerie store ever be pure?) of buying some tights, but, as always, I was the victim of distraction. I ended up buying some awesome tights with a tiger on the leg and left the store. Then quickly ran back to buy the leather gloves. The guy working there must have thought I was another sex-obsessed teen, but, hey, I have ugly leather gloves now.

*The glove is actually a bicycling/ weight-lifting glove, not a badass I-belong-to-the-motorcycle-gang one... Hmmm.. Maybe I should save up for a Harley and join the crew next? Right after I have enough money to by some Docs, of course.