a jolly green hobbit

bag: Aldo's tag? sister's. only used for photographic purposes 
Shirt: l.a
shorts: thrift store
belt: beautiful present from nana
bracelets: borrowed
rings: F21 & belt loop

                     Belts, what a beautiful creation, nein? According to the ever trusty Wikipedia page, the belt's primary purpose was for decorative reasons. Cinching of the waist was very hip even back in the military days of the first World War. They served as a fashion statement AND were useful as well. Exactly the same reason  I have been using the chained, golden belt almost every day for the past three weeks. My beautilful nana found it while thrifting, but, once she saw my gleaming eyes gaze longingly at it, she gifted it to me. Family, is by far, one of the best things in life. Especially if said family members enjoy thrifting as much as you do. I am a devoted belt-lover, and thoroughly enjoy discovering 1 dollar, glitterful ones. Any kind of belt is the best, especially those bottle-cap ones the hippies in the park sell.
                        I hadn't realized how festive and Christmas-y I looked until one of my friends pointed out the jolly factor of my outfit. Seriously, I didn't trealize how green this "teal" shirt actually is, but that's allright cause it matches my hair. And who doesn't love looking absolutely merry in the middle of summer?