Follow Me Into This Safe-Looking Dark Alley

Black Lace Dress: Present From Mom
Shoes: Downtown L.A.
Tights: Swap Meet
Plaid Dark Green Shirt: Sisters

           I hadn't intended to wear green in this particular Thursday because: 1. I have no green clothing 2. I had a strong need for black in the morning and 3. I only remembered it was St. Patrick's Day mere moments before I departed to school. Due to the fact that I do not like pinching, hardly ever wear green, and the back of my dress is inappropriately open, I slipped on this shirt, and,Voila!, I was ready for some St. Patrick's cheer. I hoped my overuse of black clothing would intimidate people causing them to fear me, enabling them to pinch me. And it worked. I am The Master Of The Night. 
             Hope you did something incredibly fun today like drinking and such. I spent it by sleeping. Am I gansta or whut, yo?

*Apologies for the crappy photo quality. If I hadn't slept the entire afternoon off, I would've manage to catch a good shot or two before the sun went down, alas, I did not. School has the power to drain every single drop of energy and happiness out of you. Rebel my peers. Join my army of nappers, and we shall succeed in conquering the world with our dark powers of slumber.

Our Violent Mascot, Snorlax


Taking A Leisurely Stroll Down The Detergent Aisle In Kmart.
Please excuse my hair, it is going through some unnerving moments.
Striped Jacket: Downtown L.A. Originally From F21
Big "Diaper" Shorts: Made By Me
Shoes & Missing Charm Chain: Downtown L.A.
Fishnet Socks: Target
Black Shirt: Mom Passed It Down To Me

           Under normal circumstances, I photograph my outfits in my lovely dead-tree-d backyard; however, due to lack of time, I used the beautiful Kmart as a backdrop. I liked the results, so from now on, I will be taking pictures in different sceneries. Taking picture after picture in my backyard has made me think taking outfit pictures as a routine, but by taking unexpected pictures in unexpected places, I will have more fun. And get out of the house more. Not only will I explore my (lack of) photographic/posing skills, I will become less of a cooped-up house rat. Hurray!
           Oh, about the Rit Dye next to my bag.... As an art class assignment, we were each given a white shirt to make it into an original design of our own. My mind is racing with ideas of what to make because I actually get to sew as a graded assignment. So, there, mom. I am basically required to spend time with the good ol' thread and needle.
           If all goes well with my project, I will post some pictures on it. Cross your fingers so I don't utterly screw this project up! ☻

And Here's Me Being Attacked By The Flash Whilst Attacking Ice Cream

Big, Big, Shirt: H&M
Mustard Big, Big Shirt: Bought Some Centuries Ago
Belt: Thrifted
Bag: Sister's (Don't Get Mad I Swear I Treated It Like The Doll It Is)
Necklaces: Mother's (I'm Sorry To Say I love It Too Too Much to Give It Back)

           I am not sure if I've mentioned it before but I suck at posing for pictures. And taking pictures. My excuse for this particular "shoot" is it was a public restroom and had to hurry before some kid walked in on my narcissistic self. I really liked how I looked that day because: 1) My outfit didn't require me to keep rearranging it like many of mine do. 2) I got ready in a time crunch. 3) I am not gonna lie, I felt gorgeous. 
           I was going for this "Gypsy That Has To Dress Appropriately For Class", but I failed, as always. Back to the "gorgeous" comment, I do not feel it necessary to dress to look good in others' eyes. I remember once walking into my beloved sister's closet and reading the phrase "The only person you need to dress to impress is yourself" painted onto her wall. I bet she has no idea how that phrase stuck by me all these years, but in the morning it is the only things I think about. That and "Fuck, I'm Late". I felt awesome in this outfit. Like a failed, gypsy, but awesome.

Note To Self: Practice Posing By Trying to Smize. (No, Don't Do That or You'll Die From Laughter)


Naps Are A Beautiful Invention

I don't care how rusty this car is I still love it. My mom spotted this car in the parking lot, and I asked her to take some pictures of my outfit in front of it, fulfilling my role as her kooky daughter. This is the only one I look the less scared in because the other shots I looked like I was about to piss in my boots. (I kept imagining  a killer clown jumping out of the backseat and cutting me up, stashing my bloody bits in the back seats.)
Just some casual, everyday fun with the best friend.... Yes, we totally steal luggage carts and ride them around hotels as frequently as we can. I can only wish.
Toddler Jacket: Stolen From A Toddler
Cow Skirt, Ring,& Racing Strap Thing: Manufactured By Me
Plaid Men's Flannel: Yard Sale
Clock Bag: Stupidiotic
Black Dress & Black Ring: F21
Mint Watch and Boots:Er.. Rubi's something
Ribbon Belt: Random Fabric
Cowboy Hat: Swap Meet

                I found these pictures in a hidden file in my memory card, and I cannot possibly imagine what was going through my head when I was dressing. I guess it was during my "Cowboys Are Among The Most Beyond Thing In The Planet" mode.(Beyond as an adjective? What in the world am I thinking now?) My friend kept saying how much I looked like some farmer's daughter, but it's all right, I am happy as one can possibly be with an over-sized cowboy hat. 

A Dream Come True. (Me and Maddie Are Even Wearing Similar Jackets. Bonus Points)


Keep Calm and Don't Drop The Bomb

Mismatched Socks: I'm Guessing One's From F21 and The Other is From H&M
Shortened Overall & Knitted Sweater:Thrift
Tights: Found In The Fiery Depths Of My Closet
Sad Stand-In For Doc Marten Boots: Wal-Mart
Ch-Ch-Cheetah Bag*: Christmas Present
Plaid Fabric Belt: Stolen From Plaid Shirt

                  Before you decide to throw me into outer space without a space suit, allow me to launch my short ,but sincere, apology. As of lately, I have been feeling like a massive pile of shit, and everytime I somehow feel like a happy-go-lucky person again, my mind steers me into the "Let's go crawl back into the hole" mode. Eveything feels as if it is going wrong, but i have come to the conclusion that it its just me experiencing the pains of adolescence and no sleep and whatnot. Whatevz, bro. Anyhow, if I don't get my ass up and moving anytime soon, I will, um, take away my cereal or something. I am truly sorry for being an incopetent blogger.
The bottom line is: I didn't post anything 'cause I suck at living.

                 On a happier note, my fabric has been continously nagging me into macgicking it into some fabulous project (when I say fabulous, I really mean "kindergarten pretty").

*I used to adrag this bag everywhere, back in the day. My mother gave it to me, and I just grew too fond (obsessed) with it that it was impossible to separate it from my shoulder. I used to think I was the coolest fifth grader 'cause I had cheetahs in ma purse, yo.