A Couple Chocolates Along The Trip.

An impromptu photo shoot from ages ago. As I look back on all of the pictures I've taken, I reached the conclusion that maybe I should smile more... I knew I looked serious, but morbid? Dear Dear, my facial (Or lack of) expressions are just too eerie, if that's a bizarre enough adjective.

Is it just me or the world has really gone mad? I basked in the glory of the few days we had last week and as I planned out sweater inclusive outfits, birds fall from the sky due to heat stroke. Not real but plausible. Although I should enjoy this weather for the short opportunity it brings, I do enjoy a pair of man pants covering my funny-faced knees once in a while. Mother nature, if its not too much of me to ask, do you mind lowering the three-digit temperatures for, let say, the remaining of the week? Of course, what with your exquisite taste in leaf outfits and marigold purses, you do not have to fret about such mundane worries, but us transpiring people do like the days in which clothes don't cling to our skin and the smell of raging pheromones is absent in the classrooms. Just a suggestion.

Coco, my sister's dog from Hell says hello.

Cardigan: Downtown L.A.
Shirt: Sorella's
Trinormous Shorts: Thrift Store.


Maybe it is the pure genious of a Tim Burton movie or the wicked sense of Beetlejuice. Either way, I digged up my Beetlejuice halloween costume from last year (courtesy of dear mother), folded at the bottom, clinched with a belt, and an outfit with a big-eyed Cheshire cat was born. Seriously, I love th way the cat peeks out from the top of my pants. The cat wasn't high write just the caterpillar butterfly pipe holding thing right? And everybody else, but not the cat right... See, I never get the level of influence right going on in all those children books. Always mix up Christoper Robin and the wide eyed snake from The Jungle Book, too.
As expected I was called Beetlejuice once throughout the day, but what do I care? It is a great movie after all. But not better than White Chicks. :) Or is it?
Moving up from the lower half of my body to the thing eating my head section by section, I bought this gigantic piece of zipper flower at Forever 21. I'm not the leader of the Zipper Society and will not be joining with an armful of cupcakes anytime soon, but wow did this jump at me. Plus, its not overly annoying,like some of the zipper accesories I've seen. Nothing against zippers, I swear, it is just the level in which the world took them on and little by little maimed a chuck of it.
5 dollars that humongous zipper flower.

My shadow has taken the shape of an odd extraterrestrial.

Socks & Thing That Eats My Head: Forever 21
Shirt: L.A
Ordinary Belt: Going out of business store
Pants: Halloween Costume

The Loom Of the Child Spins

        It seems to be of a habitual manner for me to try to resemble something and pathetically fall flat on my butt, so while still on the topic of failed outfits, here goes another for the collection. What a lovely sailor tie that is! At first, I must admit, I was a bit afraid of what could be found in the lost island that is the thrift store. I got to know it and it got to know me, and in return it offered sucha delicacy of a tie. Just as I found myself ready to walk the plank off my sailor love, this creature comes in as I reel the fishing hook in. So I might look more like a train conductor than a sailor with my overalls, but if you squint you eye, twist a couple of times while looking up to the celestial bodies, I really do follow some of that sailorness I hope I acquired.
        I always look for an excuse to make some new bow and as I was gorging on my breakfast a lone piece of Bubble wrap caught my eye. More like tempted my fingers to pop it, but in this world, its all the same. I miraculously managed to turn it into a bow without setting it on fire and since it was just, oh so wonderful, I was left to endure the hands trying to pop my bow throughout the whole school day.After only two unlucky pops, my bow was in the safety of my home, well, until my brother pop the remaining hell out of it/

Tie & Overalls : Thrift store
Button down:  Nameless Mall store
Shoes: Forever 21
Waldo Socks: Going Out Of Business store
Bow: Self :)


Persecution of the Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads. You hear it and cower in fear. Cover your children's eyes for what can only be described as a horryifing sight. Drop your milkshake as the ominent shadow is casted over your homes. Hundres of voices in unision as they perform a pitched scream at the sight of-- Okay, what is so Wrong about shoulder pads? Personally, I --- Wait a minute, all the neighborhood dogs started barking. Kind of creepy. ---- think they are cool. Sure, I look like a hulking ass-smacking footballer, but I feel the power of the thunderous lightning being created at my every step. Well, maybe it doesn't happen like that, but I am trying to make a point here and when you attempt to make a point things must flow your way, at least according to my Persuasion For Grimy Thinkers Edition 3.
Don't Think of it as a bad fashion statement left over from the 30s and 80s and embrace it as one of your own. Or don't. Sometimes I do kind of hate how it makes something look. Who am I to say what to like or not like? As much as I find Al Pacino to be sexy, I won't be marrying a Corleone anytime soon. Worst analogy made but I watched The Godfather for the first time today (!!!) and dear was it good!
What I was trying, and failed, to say is that I will broaden my "fashion" horizons and try out new things. I might have hated the mullet at some point in my life, but I love it now. No. No, I don't.

"Boddy Scrubber Look-a-Like", Shirt,Shoes: Forever 21 (all sales)
Shoulder Padded "Blazer": Going out of business store
Shorts: Same as
Socks: Target

Two Bowls of Oatmeal Later...

Due to my evolving case of lazy buttmunchness, I neglected my camera and in return the camera is infuriated in with me and has deleted a weeks worth of pictures. Lovely. Let this serve as a lesson to all of us (especially Krystel), treat thou electronics with respect. then , and them only, hold the power to what we believe is the future. Go ahead and piss your cellphone off and that little mechanical square will make sure you sleep right through the suspiciously missing alarm and wake with the fishes. Its a wonder my lovely, beautiful, piece o' sunshine known as my computer hasn't filed the divorce papers yet. *Strokes keyboard affectionately*
Aside from all technologic issues taking place, Krystel, tonights and everynights host, has the pleasure to present you with The Boots.

Aren't they a doll?
No matter how many pictures I take in my lifetime, I will continue in looking as my awkard self.
My hair :) May the laughs rise.

Skirt: Mom Made
Collared shirt: L.A. $7
Boots: L.A. $26
Belt: Borrowed from mom

I feel as if the shirt and boots are going to be worn endlessly. I have absolutely fallen head over heels over the splendidness the collar contains. Oh, Boots, I have big plans for you.

Mama, Welcome To the Fifties

Vogue: First Three USA April 2009
Rest Vogue Mexico September 2010


Good Day Sunshine

If I do not look awkward in all of my pictures, then I have been using the word wrong all along.

Overgrown Children Anonymous will be held at my place tonight, not at the usual spot. Bring your Tamagotchis, Gerber favorites, coloring books and 120 pack of Crayola crayons along, please. The Barbie debate will continue and we'll probably play with the new edition Hot Wheels, too. All Kidding (Eh? c:) aside,   overalls were perhaps meant to be used even after we moved on from the pink Princess Undies Pack  onto the individual panties. Boys no longer have cooties (Well...some do... They are just called crabs now) and the cell phones are doomed with an overflowing inbox (in exception of mine), but that will not stop us from stealing children's  footsie pajamas and calling out the cheats during the daily games of hide and seek.
Or maybe I will be the only one still clinging to my overall. I was attempting to go for a 50s floral overall type of thing what with the form of the shirts (Sleeves and collar) , but due to my tendency to swim in failure, I managed to look like your average 5 foot pre-schooler.
   The overalls were actually sewn by me (yes, I) and then my mom took over as she saw that I was completely turning a simple straight line into a artful (read: crappy) stitches.  But half it was pure me, unsupervised for 30 minutes, and that's something to be a wee proud of.

Overalls: Brought to You By Yours Truly And Her Mom
Frilly Shirt: No idea. L.A?
Oxfords & Head Band: Forever 21
Fake Pearl Necklace: Broken and Reconstructed by me
Socks: Target

Yes, I have three different colored same style oxfords, but at a mere $12 each who was I to refuse.

On a completely different note, my knees are faces!

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So Bad It's Gone Past Good And Back To Bad Again...

Before you _____________ at the sight of my landfill of turd that I call an outfit,
(A) Gasp in a sychronized and exaggerated manner that can only sindicate horror,
(B) Run for the grassy hills in attempt to hide,
(C) Yell at your wall in frustration,
(D) All of the above, plus a little neurotic extra,
Allow me to state that The Mom Shorts have got to be one of the greatest invention of all times,  right there on the shelf next to loaf bread and the ch-ch-ch-chia Garfield plant. Sure, I might look like everybody's mom with these amazing shorts, but, once again, they a were just too cool (and cheap) to pass up. Whether your into Mom Shorts or not, try them on for the fun of it and while you're at it, chastise your friend for not cleaning her room.

Untied Shoe, Birdie Ring, and Yellow Ankle Socks: Forever 21
Shiny Red Bow: Self-Made No Sewing Required
Mom Shorts: Salvation Army
Grey Shirt: Random And Forgotten

Hurrying Along The Yellow Train

Scratch whatever I've said previously about thrift stores, it IS possible to find anything in there. Just with a little Thursday luck, utter patience, and a 50% sign on the door. This jean thingie was worn a few weeks ago and I could help but feel slightly like a Jetson what with the pointy sleeve(less). Without the belt on, I am capable to resembling a jean clad turtle, seriously, used in the wrong way I could've ended up looking like my Aunt Pearl after the Christmas Eat-All Feast. I don't own an Aunt Pearl, but trust the lass here, it ain't a pretty sight.
Dress: Forever 21 {On Sale 6.99 Quadruple Plus Three Le Gasp!}
Duck Umbrella : Target. The Dollar section.
Everything I wore was discount and/or already astoundingly cheap. Don't you just love that feeling that only occurs when you've encounter a good deal? I live for those type of moments.
*Sees a 50s Sailor Skirt from the actual 50s*
Me: Darling, what a sight you are. Now where is the price tag?
*falls and has seizures on the murky, piss-odored floor at the sight of the $3 beauty*


Gotten here, I am positive I am in love with the red dress and the use of of polka dots.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Campaign. Here

Parisian woman with amazing coat and low heels here.

Taking a keen interest of the sounds of the 1950s ad listening to the likes of Elvis among others, it came natural for me to attempt (and fail) to dance the twist in the privacy of my carpeted room. Of course, the results were ridiculously dissapointing and all I gained from that mild experience was a throbbing elbow and a strong desire to chat up my Elvis life size doll (don´t own one, I swear), the marvel of the Fifties kept replaying on my head as the CD ended and the remains of a Big Bopper song faded away converting into static. Oldies music doesn´t stop at just the fifties, yet they all sound oh so glorious. Better than the stuff on radios nowadays , ahem, and with actual meaning. Following the customs of the everyday teenager, I looked up Fifties dances and, Oh dear Mother of Everything That Is Covered In Teriyaki Sauce, they sure knew how to shake their long flowing skirts.
Obviously the pictures are not the whole range of 50s fashion. just look out for the collars in 50s dresses, preferably round, they are to bake a pie for.