Galileo, Figaro, Magnificoooo

Am I the only one who wishes to send love letters to Freddie Mercury and send cat clocks to him?

Skirt: crudely sewn by me
Butterfly shirt: Forever 21
Star Wars Belt: thrifted
Various Braceletd: found in bedroom floor

                  There's two things life (among many others) that I am obsessed with: Freddie Mercury and geeky accesories/clothing. The Star Wars belt, as seen previously on other posts, is just the beginning to my ever-growing collection of "nerdy" objects in my life. If I see something remotely geeky and adorable ( AND CHEAP) at the thrift store, I fall in love with it and tell it a bedtime story. Well, maybe not to that extent, but let's just say I become quite attached to it. So attached in fact that it is possible that I wear the object in question every weekend until it breaks. Yeah, my beloved belt broke and now I am here to mourn it. But that's a thing of the past, let's focus on the true point to this belated post: Freddie Mercury, the man of my dreams.
                  Freddie's birthday was some 2 weeks ago, and I had a post all planned out, but never got around to posting it,because, to put it bluntly, it sucked. It didn't really express what I've been wanting to write about him, and it bothered me because that often happens in my post. My mind comes up with the most brilliant thoughts and phrases, but, once my fingers hit the keyboard, my sentences resemble the ones an overcaffeinated kindergardner might come up with. Basically, what I wanted to say is Freddie is a huge inspiration to me and I seriosuly love the man. No need for well-structured sentences or big words to express how much inspiration I draw from him and his tight-one suits.


If I murder my alarm clock, will I get put into a time prison?

 An accurate picture of how I look most days before (and during) school.

Let's pretend I actually look like some eccentric model instead of the pubescent little weirdo that I am.
Loong Shirt: Diy-ed by me
Star Wars Belt: Thrift Store (Where else?)
Awesome T-Strap Flats: downtown l.a.
Freaky Drunk glasses: Dollar tree
Clock bag: Stupidiotic

                 Have you ever woken up in the wee hours of the morn with a huge desire to go on a DIY rampage? The other morning, I decided that spending my morning time destroying a gigantic shirt was more productive than digging in the pile of clothes for an hour or so. Plus, I felt like being a lazy student that day, and had no energy to look for something more "put-together". (I also happen to immensely love cutting up enormous men shirts.) It's quite hard to see from the pictures, but the shirt's basically got a square cut-out down the front with sheer fabric covering it and squared studs lining its pocket (the shirt has a pocket, isn't that dandy?)
                   . Do any of you have those lazy days where all you want to do is stay at home and just read or do something extremely boring? Now that I am back in school, I wish I'd slept some more during the vacations. I think I hate mornings more than ever. At least there's crack of dawn doses of diy-ing to keep me alive....