Who Invented the Typical Girl?

Velvet Dress Pinned as A Shirt: Thrift Store
Skirt: F21... Sale
Boots: Ross
Tulle Bow: Krystel-customed
Very Fake, Very Plastic-y Necklaces: Own

Wow, how much of a buttmunch do I have to be to not post in over 10 days? Seriously, I've had outfits worthy of being seen by someone thats not me and what do I do? I take long afternoon naps, neglect my life, and oggle the homework. Facepalm.

Moving away from my inexcusable acts of slothiness..... I kind of just put stuff on together. Velvet shirt? Why I must wear with this weird skirt thing..... Garden gloves and mining hat? Yes, please. Not even. I have too much dorkiness to master the look, but I am trying, stepping out of the shell into a tulle world where studs glisten with glee and the soft ruffle of my ankle socks replaces the crap playing on the radio nowadays. After my splendid (haha) outfit was born, I thought that it kind of looked Madonna/ Cyndi Lauper/ Billy Idol type of thing , but enough about stereotypical 80's fashion... THE BOOTS! In black ... When my tirng gaze fell upon this bootie beauty, I no longer cared about the pain my flats were inflicting me or how that man's odor was something not to be missed. Yes, those boots.. Dear, oh dear, what should I do about this? Wear them for the rest of my young life until the soles have withered away or mummify them to preserve such a sight? Methinks first option.


What Happens In Vegas..

Warning: Despite this being an attempt of fashion blog, the following is not an outfit post since due to my great mind I competely forgot to take pictures of my outfits while there. Yeah, a great blogger I am. So this is just me, being an overly stupid tourist, excited to cruise the streets with my nana in Vegas at night.

 This little fella scared the beejeezis out of me....
Monument or not, my mouth won't hear a thing when its to busy savoring the candy on this.

 See that Ross over there? I bought a cousin pair to The Boots there.
 You will eat me, you will.
 The Horror! An actual thirteenth floor on our hotel!
 Great, but will not suffice my impending need for Paris.
 And here I just kinda gaped at the dress for a minute or two.

 Thanks to my camera this enchantment of a dress was captured beautifully.

 Being an honest individual here, I payed more attention the hair than the clothing. Shame on me.
 Giorgio Armani. Is it just me or is there fur everywhere?
 Me on a tram. Close enough to my dream of riding on a subway.

And to my greater dismay, I forgot to picture one of the best things found in Las Vegas*...
                An Elvis impersonator. One did kinda jumped at me, but no pictures to show what must have been a funny sight of my face by the way my nana laughed at me.

*I also didn't take a picture of the Carolina Herrera store. The dresses truly were a sight. I permit you to a slap on my hand for my terrible fashion blogger girllessness.

So Homemade It Feels Like Camp All Over Again. Actually I've Never Been To Camp...

Brace yourself for what can only suggest for me to ake some photography classes. Immediately.
 You know life's good when you find blue five dollar shoes.
 Not a decent pose for a lady such as I, but then again, I... um I have no comeback for my own insult.
Shirt: Thrifted (Heritage 1981)
Shoes: Downtown L.A
Belt & Skirt: Own

How's that for a change of scenery, sorella? My dear sister (sorella=sister in italian... Look at me all wordy and intellectual) reads my blog from Italy, whcich makes me feel all internatioanl and stuff, even though its just one person overseas and I kinda forced her too. I just wanted to say to her that I love her very much and to know that even though she's half the globe away from me and can surely get away with it, I won't wear her clothes. Not even that one shirt that keeps begging me to touch it.. Lemme rephrase that sudden case of clothes rape, I will not come near the clothes, no matter how sparkly they are.

And I Think To Myself What A Wonderful Day...

Excuse the granny hands.
Putting your sunglasses in front of the camera lens works much, much better.

Dress: Hand Me Down/ Thrift Store
Bracelets: own
Magic Heels: Stolen From Mum
Socks: Forever 21

Where to begin... where to begin..
Krystel here has had a magical idea, so magical that its coated with orange petunias, baby powder, glitter and blessed with the kiss of a nearby faerie. We have taken the greatest pleasure of presenting you the

Magical Idea:
No offense to you Forever 21, but, to your greater economic relief, half of my closet is probably one way or another F21. Its not your fault you have such accessories that make me swoon or that that red skirt keeps winking my way, the fault belongs only to me, the savvy spender. The deal is that it is so easy to find another girl/guy/ horse wearing my complete outfit that it made me realize: Holdee there cowgirl. Where have you gone? Where are you? You've been consumed and no longer are the lass who used to prance around in uncoordinated prints, colors, shoes, and spoons. I am in the point of my dressing life where I, instead of wearing whatever my cruddy mind pleases, dress to impress. Not even to impress myself, but to impress other. And seriously who the f-bomb am I trying to impress? Why am I even trying to?
        Picking an outfit in the morning no longer brings that certain spark I used to get when grabbing at the multitude of accessories splayed in front of me, instead I am COLOR COORDINATING the rosy tint of the necklace to the button or some mediocre little thing. Gah, I feel like I'm on the freaking olden times for the strict way I am upholding my way of dressing. Oh dare I make the mistake of wearing red striped shoes instead of the perfectly matching sky blue with a hint of green flats. Off to the guillotine you go.
         So its basically just me who is in this tar pitted funk, sucking me in as I outstretch a matching neutral bracelet-clad arm upwards. I compare myself to mannequins for Prada's sake! Why can't O dress like that? Okay, what the hell is going on in there, cause it needs to come to a halt.
          So by the mere mention of F21 it seems that I am like "It Ruined My Life" sob story, but its not, because lord, that store's sense of wonderfulness rings and eleven dollared skirts bring me to multiple fits of dancing. Its just that I should really tone down the amount of shopping I do there. Not just there, but the entire mall. Just for a while, so I can actually challenge myself with clothing. Try different stuff, branch myself out, just looking for IT, the style that is me, not some other girl I don't even now.

Doesn't mean I'll ban the accessories though, my fingers would have to suffer the winter naked if it weren't to Forever 21, just level myself and my spending tendencies.

I haven't posted for a while (suprise, surprise) and have a bunch of outfits to photograph, so stick around and I''l serve you some delactosed milk and bananas. If your not allergic, of course.


Merged In Black

Have you ever done something that you thought was the greatest thing since loaf bread but looking back on it was something bad enough to put Chuck Norris to tears? Maybe not that bad, but pretty close. What's the deal with all those CN jokes anyhow, half of them don't even make sense. "Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried." In what sick state of mind do you have to be in to find this anywhere near humorous?

[Twenty minutes later, I am much too busy looking up half-sensed jokes and chuckling to my self. Chuckling darkly that is ... :)   ]

Wow, I just revised this and while it made utter sense in my scattered brain, in actuality, it leans towards the "What was I on when writing this" side. What I tried to say was that in some outfits I feel like the world is at  my command, but seeing once again the pictures, I looked more like the village's idiot than the Queen. Happens a lot to my dismay. So, er, yeah?

Tapered Pants: Nana Gift
Shoes: Downtown L.A.
Cardigan-y Flowy Thing: V-Generation
Dress & Stockings : Forever 21


Remains of a Sullen Picture Day

Krystel getting her groove on.

It seems that everyday I ask myself the too-known question, How did I get so behind? This outfit was worn for picture day. A month ago.

My camera, god bless the lil' satanic device, is, how do I put this into appropiate words? On the verge of biting the dust. (read: fword up), so I am left posting old pictures and playing Dr. House to the photographical instrument.

Aladdin Pants & Shirt: Charlotte Russe'd
Not Big Enough Bow: F21
Unable to be seen Shoes: H&M
Collar de fantasia: Family heirloom? Haha, no?


She Who Laughs the Last, Laughs the Hardest.

  Taking a stroll down a pedestrian mall, a melting pricey-ice cream settled in your hand, walking along your wise-cracking friend, and enjoying the view *wink*, what more can you ask for a sunny friday evening?

Floral Vest, Shorts, Straw Bag: Thrift Store
Lace Shirt: Sorella
Sailor (!!) Belt: Hand-Me-Down
Sail Socks: no longer there store
Coke Earring: Hippie Park
Baq Quality Picture: Me