winter in hotel california

Triangle cut-out shirt: mom's
shorts: l.a. (but the tag reads "topshop". oh yeahhhh) 5$ for expensive shorts
metal belt: no idea
shoes: christmas gift
"studded" bag: DIY 

                  For a small while, winter was not winter. The sun was out and the days were in the 85 degree range, so life was great. The birds chirped, and I would wipe away the sweat collecting atop of my brow.  Getting away with wearing short shorts and even shorter dress in the middle of "winter" had never been easier. Now, winter has come back with a terrible, unstoppable vengeance. These new chilly mornings and nights feel too cold to belong to us. It's as if we stole them right from underneath a penguin in the Arctic. California might not be the place that first comes to mind when thinking of ferocious winters, but, hey, I was loving the way the sun would keep me cozy all day long. I guess it's a good thing I bought so many coats and scarves and gloves for this winter. At least now I have a chance to keep warm and look as cute as one can look in a furry mustard coat.
                 This is basically an outfit-ified ode to those rare, but appreciated, moments where I didn't really have to worry about getting pneumonia or getting my legs amputated due to Very Cold Weather. In a way, wearing colors like orange and green-y blue makes me feel vibrant with warmth, but even the warmth these colors metaphorically represent is not enough to substitute the bundle of blankets I can't imagine life without. Guess I'll just have to pretend that it is not too cold outside for skirts and bare the cold with my scarves.