His Madness & Mercury

Going strong with my "secretary" wardrobe, I discovered the gnarliest Women Man Pants at the Salvation Army. In a sudden impulse, the dear pants were butchered into shorts and embellished with a bow with its own leftover fabric. Is an impulse ever not sudden? Being the Fake Oxforded freak I am, I sported my decaying ones and paired it with Target tights.What a productive trip to Target that was. As my flea eyes landed on such a view, the birds chirped in tune to "Goddamn Right Its A Beautiful Day" and the sun rose along with hundres of planes. And it was night, that's how great it was. Plus, the tights were on the clearance section, which fortunately to my young, fickle, sales-loving mind, made the transaction from the cash register to the Target bag faster then you can say Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.


It All Started With That Trip To Walmart

No matter how deep my quest for the perfect Navy Blue Striped Shirt, I will never find one that will fit all of those lovely expectations I carefully arranged in my dim-witted mind. Ever since I set my eyes on a casual blue binder a fortnight ago, I can not let go of all those sailors that have overrun my mind. My head has been deep in sailor hats, hunky sailors (along with the likes of Popeye), the perfect Navy Blue Striped Shirt, and um high wasted shorts. Of course, I, bearing the luck of a fractured horseshoe, own none of the listed. My poor, poor soul is left to bear with millions of google pictures that have nothing to do with sailors whatsoever but with promiscous halloween outfits. With a hand clasped tight on the sailor dream, I will persevere in finding that lucky shirt.
On a brighter note, I have found from the depth of my room a sort of navy blue-ish fabric, among with others that I had unjustly neglected and hid from natural light. As soon as I learn that the sound that my sewing maching creates is completely normal and will not, under any circumstances, come alive and eat my phalenges, I will get to the real work, not just fantasize about some unattainable striped shirt.
The rather crappy designs were drawn by yours truly. I am amazed at the bad quality I gave it. Tsk Tsk. [It might be hard to see, so kind of tilt the monitor screen turn off all the neighborhood lights and find a microscope.]


After several days of being particulate irresponsible towards the meek & feeble blog, I've finally got the guts to post my outfits once again. It's just that I didn't really know if I was sufficient enough or had enough oomph in my bedazzled jeans to be the proud owner of a blog. All doubts came clear as I took a treacherous trek with the ambition of finding out when Vogue (September Isse) came out. Next Tuesday, by the way. Now all I can do is sit still and think of what the lovely Vogue will behold in for us and will it have enough inspiration to send all mundanes into gasps of satisfaction? I can certainly hope so.

There I am, Open-Mouthed and Awkward with my lovely Grandma Sweater. Why am I wearing such a thing, the confused lass seems to think
I would have smiled but since I enjoy not scaring little children away with my contorting smile, I remain robotic.
Grandma Sweater: Salvation Army
Dress & The Beloved Shoes: Er, Somewhere in L.A.
I Am actually wearing a sort of Dress Code approved fishnets: Swap Meet
Socks: Target
Headband & Gigantic For Small Hands Ring: Forever 21


Not Over Here, Not Over There...

The measly results of a failed mock photoshooot. The Man Pants Version and As Worn To School. All Pictures taken by my piece o' turd (camera) and tripod (chair and stacked books).
Skirt, Shoes, Hat, Necklaces: Forever 21
Man Pants & Belt: Discount Store
Pink Pantyhose: Swap Meet
Floral Ring: Self-Made
Lace Shirt: "borrowed" from Sister... *conspicous glance towards the right*


Calculating Time Remaining...

Maybe being this obsessed with man pants can be unhealthy, but I have thought this true, tyring to come to my lacking senses, and have reach the conclusiong that these Man Pants babies are astonishingly the best thing since loaf bread. I bought my first pair of Man Pants a while wago, but haven found the perfect shirt to wear it with, but once I do, mark my childish words, I will be gayer than a kid in a Crayola store.
I attended to a Store Closing Discount Store and found tw0 paur of Man Pants so reduced in price they cost me as low as $5. Hyperventilation at the sight of them not included. They make me look extremely awkard but I feel good in them, so maybe thats all that counts. Feeling good about yourself and not give a care on those naysayers that live to bring down your day with their uneducated taunts.
I realized that I dressed just like my male teachers.

I cant find any picture on the internet that gives Man Pants the justice they deserve.

Man Pants and Belt: Burke's Outlet Store.
School Navy Blue Shirt: Mall Store?
My lovely dear shoes: Forever 21. $12 Le Gasp!
Fish Necklace, Head Pink Thing, and Ring: Forever 21
Socks: Target


Clunk Goes My Foot

Given to the fact that I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to valuable items, I misplaced my dear laptop yesterday. Oh, what a horrid day that was. Separated from my second mind, I gloomed trough hallways and scowled at my cat (which I don't have). Feeling as desolate as I could dramatically feel I did a few things I could never accomplish due to the evil wrath of Ye Olden Apparatus such as redye my swampy hair, make a monster,talk about the reproductive system and the meaning of life with friends at a sketchy park, prepare a boring outfit for the next day, and memorize the 50 states and their location. Now that's what I call a productive day.
All overly-menopausal feelings provided by the loss of technology was concuded as I took a look in the sofa and Oh! There You Are, You Silly Goose!

I am partly kidding. Or not. I am not obsessed with the world wide web, but it is nice to catch up on events once in a blue moon.

Plaid Shorts: Random L.A. store thing
School Shirt: Mall Store with a "captivating" name.
Elephant Necklace: Forever 21
Oxfords: Random L.A Alley store
Knee High Socks: Target
Ring That Later Fell Apart Due To My Carelessnes: Forever 21
Hair Bow Headband: Ribbon From Walmart.

The most expensive thing on this outfit is probably the shoes (26$ good investment) and everything else was like 8$ or less... My Momma would be Proud.


Probably heard this A lot but...

Emma Watson's hair is completely and absolutely gnarly. Seriously, this is bloody amazing. Um, I killed that didn't I? Sorry, that was me trying to be hip and cool or something of similar sorts, but as always I end up sounding constipated and old.
This haircut really suit her face, unlike some people that short hairstyles do not go with them at all. *Cough* Yours Truly, Me *Cough* And she resembles Twiggy a bit, which is a good thing, TWIGGY, a bloody good thing. And I screw it up yet again.

Um, you can see where I got the pictures from if you kind of scroll your mouse over, but since I enjoy my life as a crime-free (well, sometimes)individual, here you go:

It shows that I'm new here. But that's why you just gotta love Snuggies.
Er, bye.

P.S. Today was officially my first day as an eight grader. Yippee. Sarcatic Hand was Raised (Sparknotes! )


Me Convierto en un Marciano

Black Oxfords with lace, ruffly ankle socks that bring me back to the moments in my dear childhood on which I despised that type of socks. Seriously, they made me feel like I still sucked on my thumb *Cough*WhichIstoppedDoing *Cough* Now, I have fallen into a deep infatuation with them so strong that I must declare our engagement party next Sunday, please bring us appropiate and colorful houseware and some chardonnay.My Six-Year-Old self probably perform a ritual on which The Burning of Lacey & Ruffly Socks was a recommended act, but, alas, I have defied such alliance with Ankle Sock Hating and embraced the poor,underestimated things with caring pen-scribbled arms.
The World's Lamest Outfit with the World's Awesomesauce Socks and Shoes. Tsk Tsk. No creativity whatsoever, but I shall keep it in order to be able to look back on it later and laugh my ass off. That is One gnarly butt-kicking, enormously wonderful bow, though. Courtesy of Forever 21, as is the pink dress and ankle socks. & my favorite ring that i wear with every black outfit. Decaying little black purse brought to you by: Salvation Army. Oxfords: Random LA Alley shop.
Don't I just look ecstatic and care-free in this picture?
Now I must introduce you to an Off-Topic picture.Friend and I found it at a popular Amusement Park (:>. Think what you may.


A Fly Flew Into My Papaya Juice

Skiping all awkwardness of first post, ugh, who am I kidding? I have absolutely no idea what to write about. Am I supposed to introduce myself? Or is that a bit too narcisstic? Well, after all, I am starting somewhat of a fashion/style blog whic whill require taking pictures of me in different outfits, so maybe a bit is good.

Just letting you (whoever that is. Father Christmas?) know I have no idea what to name this blog, for now it will be "How Are you you? Fine, Thank You." after the lovely Deceptacon by Le Tigre.

Since I have no intention of boring you so much you'll come to me with firing pitchforks (But I am, obviously.), I will just er post a picture? Crud, I really don't know what to do.

Bike & Miniature Hand Mirror Necklace: Forever 21

Floral Skirt: Unknown Random Store, Shirt: Downton L.A., LittlePastor Hat: ForLove
and some random flats that went unpictured due to the quality they are in.

Sorry for the Myspace-esque quality of my pictures but due to my low-budget I have no possesion of a good, worthy camera and tripod. Therefore, I am stuck with my ancient camerathat is falling spart due to all its unfortunate falls its had and my mirror since i cant seem to find a place to place my camera in that will capture my body and still leave me with a head.

I have no inkling sense of fashion orstyle, but I do what I can to work with it. :)