short skirt, long jacket

Coat: Target, Girl's Section, Shoes: flea market, Skirt&Shirt&Soclk: Forever 21, Bag: downtown L.A., headband & bracelets:found around the house.

                     After a loooooooooong absence from the world wide web, I have returned. I wasn't hiding out in my lair planning to conquer the world or anything like that. Even better, I was busy homeworking life up.
               Let's have a moment of silence,  ladies and gentlemen, to appreciate the magnificence that is the Girl's section at Target. Now let's have a round of applause for the Sale section AND the Girl's Sale section! I found the coolest orangish/pinkish lightweight coat there last December, and, ever since, I've worn it at least once a week.  It's huge and bright and beautiful and I have proposed marriage to it at least twice now. I used to curse my (lack of) height, but now I embrace it because if I weren't so damn short, this baby wouldn't have fit me. The boy's section is great for soft, striped shirts, but the girl's section has the cute coats.
               Lately, I've been reading like an insomniac librarian, and making playlists like a hyperactive DJ. The book  "Get Well Soon" by Julie Harper used to be one of my favorite books to ignore my homework with. Anyways, I have been listening to Cake's "Short Skirt/ Long Jacket" nonstop ever since I came across this playlist. Somehow, in the depths of my brain, one neuron crossed another and BAM! an outfit was born. I stole the yellow/ black color scheme from the book cover, but I think I might have taken the song a bit too literal. I wore "shoes that cut" , "fingernails that shine", and a "short skirt and a loooong jacket". Normally, I don't put much thought into what I wear, but on occasions like this one, I dress according to what I read or what I listen to or how lazy I feel. Good thing I wasn't listening to Lady Marmalade, though. Otherwise, my mother would have hung me for strutting out of the house with only my bustier and feather boa on.