Hyperventilation is expected.

         Have you ever encountered that wild feeling that comes with finding something you know is absolutely perfect for you? Like a love-at-first-sight type of euphoria, except less cheesy because it's just such an awesome little thing. Some might say getting excited over clothes and the like to be a bit materialistic, but I NEED THIS MATERIAL IN MY LIFE

Sure, a different color would be fantastic, but, I like love them so much that their angel color would suffice.* 
       Alas, this Jeremy Scott for Adidas beauty is no longer. Sold out, or something. I'll probably go sit under my desk now, but no worries. It's not like my dreams of being Hermes for a day were crushed or anything. Nothing major. But you know what this brutal kick to my dreams means? DIY-ification to cure the soul.

I am not sure where this is from, but if you know, help,? Please?

         Do these colors amaze or do they amaze? I bet wearing them are equally exciting as having squids partying on your feet, which is completely the case. Gold glitter bounceas at your every step, leaving a trail of glitter crumbs for fellow partying-squid-shoes wearers to follow. Why am I wasting my days on the internets and not pursuing my aspiration to become a shoemaker (cobbler? cordwainer?)?

*My family believes the Hermes shoes to be quite ugly. I mean if they were black or cream or pale pink or some other color watching my limited wardrobe, they would be even godlier than they already are.


Cue the soundtrack music and hit play.

Perhaps the geekiest poster in my room. Apart from the Harry Potter ones... and my "school achievement" garb.
Hai, Dirty Room.

Hai, Harrison.

Shirt: Own
Sailor Skirt: F21
Tailored "Beetlejuice" Jacket: Downtown L.A.
Glitter Flats: Target Sale
Ribbon Thingie: er, Walmart?
Flower Purse: DIY

                        Perhaps I've never mentioned it before, but, I am quite the rebel around here. My badass qualities are too numerous include in a single blog post, but among the shenanigans I'm up to as of current include: spray painting (purse and shoes), sleeping at 4 am (reading books), and watching horror films (read: sleeping through Hannibal). You should be terrified of me, or you run the risk of being glittered down to the floor by my ultraviolet eyes (I need glasses). Okay, so I might be more of a DIY geek than a "Rebel Without A Cause", but it doesn't matter 'cause I DID SOMETHING TOTALLY PRODUCTIVE AND NON-SLOTH-LIKE. The pain of the summer that hasn't even started was quickly transforming me into some sort of tan puddle of pure boredom, so I pleaded my mother for some cans of paint to put me out of the forsaken misery. Long story short, I found an old, ripping, flower-shaped jewelry box and sprayed the color out of that thing, thus providing me with the accessory I am now sure I can't live without. I mean, it's black and flower shaped!
                        I will carry on the will to DIY, for I have fond many things in the intra webs I am diying to try (see what I did thurrr?). Like painting my very own fake Docs'cause I have absolutely no cash to invest in an original pair. Or making a beautiful heart bag out of latex and wire, like the one I've drooled over in the Nanny.