If I murder my alarm clock, will I get put into a time prison?

 An accurate picture of how I look most days before (and during) school.

Let's pretend I actually look like some eccentric model instead of the pubescent little weirdo that I am.
Loong Shirt: Diy-ed by me
Star Wars Belt: Thrift Store (Where else?)
Awesome T-Strap Flats: downtown l.a.
Freaky Drunk glasses: Dollar tree
Clock bag: Stupidiotic

                 Have you ever woken up in the wee hours of the morn with a huge desire to go on a DIY rampage? The other morning, I decided that spending my morning time destroying a gigantic shirt was more productive than digging in the pile of clothes for an hour or so. Plus, I felt like being a lazy student that day, and had no energy to look for something more "put-together". (I also happen to immensely love cutting up enormous men shirts.) It's quite hard to see from the pictures, but the shirt's basically got a square cut-out down the front with sheer fabric covering it and squared studs lining its pocket (the shirt has a pocket, isn't that dandy?)
                   . Do any of you have those lazy days where all you want to do is stay at home and just read or do something extremely boring? Now that I am back in school, I wish I'd slept some more during the vacations. I think I hate mornings more than ever. At least there's crack of dawn doses of diy-ing to keep me alive....


  1. haha I love those glasses!
    I tend to go on early morning DIY rampages too! I'll just start hacking at a skirt or something and the next thing I know the sun is up. @_@

  2. That stars wars belt is probably the best belt I have seen in my life. It's good that it's thrifted coz it means you have a one of a kind and no one else can really copy you- but there's a down side too coz I can't have one.

  3. Awesome t-shirt creation! I just had my first day of school and am feeling the pain of early mornings, too. I love your clock bag, also, by the way (ps does it work?).

  4. i've been so close to murdering my alarm clock many a time...