Skirt: hand me down, Shirt: L.A. ( $5!!!), Gold Bracelets: Mother's, Pink Wire Bracelet: Handmade, Yellow Bag: Ross, Necklace: Forever21

                     At last! Now that I have managed to finish my first year of high school unscathed, I am free to enjoy the joys of summer vacation. I fantasized about this freedom since Day One of school. Too bad I have HOMEWORK. Seriously, guys, this free time is meant to be spent by endless couch lounging not by reading    A Tale of Two Cities and memorizing the periodic table. Anyways, I have taken advantage of my school-less situation by DIY-ing the heck out of my room. Idle hands do not exist in my household. In fact, I have taken a fancy to making my own bracelets out of wire ( because EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE NOWADAYS). However, despite my lack of money, I have come across the cutest bags, and have burrowed myself further into a pool of debt. At this rate, I will be cleaning my house's toilet bowls for the rest of eternity.
                     Moving past my economic deficiency...... The shirt shown above is so awesome and bright, that even my camera can't quite capture its radiant essence. It is not an ordinary pink. I guess it could be described as Barbie Pink, but I am not sure if Barbie's pink can also be spotted from streets away. With this shirt, my mom no longer has to worry about my whereabouts. All she has to do is poke her head out the window and squint to see me (' cause the shirt is too bright for human eyes).
                      I made a mini tutorial on how to make the Wire + Spray Paint bracelets, and if anyone's interested, I will post it. (Most likely though, I'll post it anyways ♥)


  1. Ewww. homework... hahah. I always forget about that part of high school! I hope you manage to have fun, still! Post pictures of your rocked out room! Making things is the best! Your bracelet looks super funky! Great idea! :)


  2. Pshhhh gurl I cannot lie about pretty little liars. It's become an obsession slowly eating my LIFE. Hanna is my favorite, Spencer is my second fave, and then Emily and then Aria is last because she's so STUPID and every episode is like "oh Ezra, this relationship won't work! society hates us and we are obvs not on the same mental plane! BUT WAIT WE MUST STAY TOGETHER BECAUSE OF OUR HEARTS AND OUR FEELINGS ARE TRUE OMG OMG FEELING MUSHY SHIT". Every time I'm like, shut upppppp. And Ezra is creepy, creeping on girls who are a good 6-7 years younger than him. Dude, get a girl YOUR AGE. I'm still on the beginning of season 2, so no spoilers.

  3. awww connection of pink & yellow i so cute!
    i love your room <3

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