In your pants

 Look at the tiny metal horse. I was never one to ride horses (imagine short me falling off of those moving, pooping skycrapers they call horses), but this creature and its weird dog tail had me at $1.50.

An oversized, black hat can make anybody feel like Lydia Deetz, which is why I practiced my faux-photographical poses.

Knitted shirt: swap meet
Old lady pants: thrift store
Holographic eye glasses: downtown l.a.
Belt and adorable horse knecklace: forever 21

               The sensation of pants covering my legs has become foreign to me. Wearing skirts and shorts even during the most insufferable weather has been my own little (dumb) rebellion for so long that people are genuinely surprised when I wear pants. I only have around 2 pairs of pants that I really like wearing, and those    have been worn for so long that their death is not too far away. You know what that means? I must devote my days to finding (or creating) pants that will be so awesome I will want to wear them from sleep to school to weddings and Hollywood parties other casual occasions. Yep, they will be THAT awesome. Are leather pants too cool? 
               In the probable case of a failed mission, I will just have to get used to a future full of funky tights and flowing skirts, which, to tell you the truth, sounds fine by me. I have no problem living the bare-legged life, but if I do end up with one marvelous pair, I'll probably throw a one-woman celebration party in my room.


  1. Those pants are paisley perfection. Even though the paisley turns out to be triangular.
    All the best in your pants quest.

  2. love the pants! I hardly ever wear pants cos I don't find any decent ones round here!

    please visit me at: styledynamite.blogspot.com

  3. This outfit is so cool! Those eye glasses look incredible :D

  4. i love these pants they are so cool. Your hat and glasses look amazing.
    And please tell me the title was a reference to Brotherhood 2.0

  5. I am totally in love with your look - following you asap!

  6. I love these John Lennon style holographic glasses oh and the hat :)

  7. Even though I am way too lazy to wear the number of accessories and even clothes (too lazy to layer!) that you do, looking through your photos has inspired me to try once again to forget my dressing inhibitions and just wear things that make me happy.

    Definitely following you now.

    Awesome hat by the way :)

  8. This outfit is great, i love how you managed to make it work with all these differnt items, it takes skill!


  9. those pants are awesome, what a good find! was this thrift store in New york in any chance??

    Love your style, I'm your new follower!