So good, so good, I got you

bracelets & ring: bedroom floor,
skirt: thrifted,
belt: sister's,
shirt: f21

                     Despite the lowering temperatures and cloudy skies, I seek the beauty of color everywhere. It seems as if I should be wrapped in layers of gray and black, but my mind craves a shot at the color wheel. I didn't use to see colors as a thing to embrace, yet lately all I want to do is find the perfect orange bag. Or perfect lime green loafers. Or colorful anything. Seriously, all I want is some color in my life. I am so used to dressing like an amateur spy all the time, and even though I am too attached to black to completely rule it out of my life, I decided that I will give dressing like a loon a go. Plus, has anybody noticed that when you wear bright-ass colors you are kind of forced to feeel happier? Fer real, it is impossible to frown if you are wearing chartreuse shorts or a neon watch. By looking at upbeat colors, you are filled with the giddyness normally caused by dancing in your undies to this
                    Is there a job where you can spend your days are surrounded by funky colors? Maybe I should be a nail polish technician. Or a pink llama-unicorn?



  1. I love all the chains and pendants and bangles!

    when it is cold and dark, i love bright colours, but I must be contrary, because when it is hot and summery, i love dark colours!!!


  2. I must agree, colour is good.
    Can I fawn over the paisley background? Paisley is always a good thing.

  3. Love this! In winter I pair color with black too, like in this outfit - the black in the skirt goes well with the black shirt, so it doesn`t look mismatched. Love it!


  4. I would be one a pink llama unicorn any day! I love your skirt. All these bright colours are awesome and make me feel happy;) I like your blog! Yay!