Grooving with some energy

dress & belt: f21
blue loafers/ cheetah bootays: l.a.
cube bag: thrifted
scarf: sister's (italy)
metal belt: a gift from nana

                    As a girl who enjoys taking a challenge and long walks on the beach, I decided to try out something that I'd mentally put on my shitlist before: scarfs. Trust me, I didn't hate this accesory 'cause "it's sooooo trendy". I hated scarves because I felt like the sluggiest of turtles in them, but oh my goodness, do you know how WARM & COZY they can be? I have not the slightest idea how my neck has survived the cold weather without these colorful babies. Since I am an über intelligent human being, I wore this dress in the windiest, frostbittiest day of the week; however, this trusty scarf saved my poor neck from being snapped of like a frozen twig. I still think I look like a neckless beast, but I had so much fun playing around with the scarf that they've begun to grow on me.Not only did I use it to keep my neck all comfy, my friends and I also snuggled under it during a freezing bus ride. Laid out, the colorful babe resembles more a personal blanket than a scarf; I'll never suffer a winter again. Did you know you can practically create anything with a big enough scarf? Wrap dress, skirt, bag, cape? You got it!
                   Moving on from the scarf-related goodies, I am enjoying my devotion to the world of color. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my closet is quite literally 7/12 black, but this only motivates me to integrate color into my daily life even more. My fingers are itching to try to sew a transparent orange bag that hasn't escaped my mind since summer. This is surprising because I've been under a "lyf sucks, let's watch NCIS and Bones instead" spell lately, but I am glad to have the creativity hunger back in my system. As a result of my color crave, I spent last night drawing and watching Horton Hears a Who. Ohmygoodness, the color and furriness of the movie has put me in a beautiful speck of a trance. So I drew and drew until I realized I was just drawing a bunch of rainbow girls with cotton candy for hair. I think I've watched too much movies, Marie Antoinette and Horton Hears a Who have left a delightful dent in the right-side of my brain. Or Maybe my subconcious is trying to tell me to dye my hair completely blue and style into something big enough to smuggle goods under?

If you wish for a surpirse that may or may not cause you to groove along, please press play.

*the background city picture is from National Geographic November 2002


  1. i like your hair :)
    hey, could you tell me how you do that thing you did where an embedded youtube video shows just the play bar?

  2. Love the illustration! And welcome tot he magical world of scarfs! ;]


  3. Hello! I'm new around here. I was wondering where you are, you're Latinamerican? :) XOXO

  4. Thank you for replying to me on my post!