I am such a cow. *

Pink Floyd Shirt: thifted
Mooo Skirt ( Does my high level of maturity surprise?): Self-made

             Hallo, fellow humans and the like. Isn't it a marvelous thing, this goofing around with clothes business? Why must we take clothes so seriously, when it is by far more fun to twirl around, laughing uncontrollably over how ridiculous your skirt looks. Or pants, I fully support the notion of funky pants, too. I am so incredibly used to sticking to my safe side and just wearing dark clothes that today I decided to slowly come a wee bit out of my secure farmhouse and wear one of my favorites skirt in this vast world. Yeah, I know my outfit isn't very revolutionary or anything, but, goddess, does this skirt make me smile. I feel as if I am part of this big hilarious joke in which my skirt is the pun. Like I have no need to take everything, as I usually do, so seriously. I took the bus to visit family today, and some people gave me funny stares, but it was all allright, because I was too busy eating grass to really milk the situation over. I guess not taking clothes and trends and whatnot for granted is what I like about "fashion". You just sort of go with what feels right to you. Whether you chose something because it gives you the giggles or you are channeling some grooving vibes, doesn't matter, you still somewhat mesh a little bit of you with something so simple as fabric.       ( I might have gone too scissor-happy when cutting the skirt,though.)

*Is it a little dorky to admit that I wore that skirt to make cow-related funnies?


  1. WEE MUST NOT TAKE CLOTHES SERIOUSLY!!!! really whats the point of wearing clothes if you cant have fun with it. You know what I am in the mood to wear right now? something with pom poms. I bettah get to work glue gunning something together then. very cute outfit. an x box controller always makes the perfect accessory.

    check me out!

  2. I can't see the photo! Which is so anti climactic after reading your amazing description/declaration of awesomeness. ;)